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BUSA (Bahjathul Ulama Students Association)

     Bahjathul Ulama Students Association (BUSA) Bahjathul Ulama is the most prominent association of students which identifies each and every movement and moments of time. It plays considerable and vital role in the social renaissance by endeavoring constantly. What the society seeks is BUSA. It leads the first Ahlussunna website.Bahjath Publishing Bureau (bpb) which publishes out eminent books for enhancing a serious reading, Islamic Propagation Cell (IPC) which motivates and induces the students to undertake any challenges of time, Board of Literary Meeting which gives training for students in writing, speaking and translating field, Welfare Cell which solves the economical problems of the poor students, Library and Khuthub Khana which comprise of vast collection of relevant books are running under this association. Apart from these, magazines i.e., Al- balja(Arabic), Albahja(Malayalam), Bahar(urudu), The Glory(English), Labor Room which improves extra curriculum activities, Store which delivers essential things to students for cheap rate, Public Relation which conveys absolute movements and motions of campus to public. Board of Health which treats and nurses students by giving necessary medicines, Library which subscribes various newspapers, magazines and weeklies in several languages in order to make the students well aware of current events are also running as the branches of this association.

Board of Literary Meeting

     Considering the fact that the oratary is the most influential media of the propagation , the board makes effort to promote an eligible propagation as per the social situation .Through conducting meetings Weekly , the board takes initiatives of many developmental activities in language translation , Writing articles and speeches . It holds discussions and seminars on current issues also . It is a matter of pleasure that the board could give many eminent speakers to the society .As a part of it ' s initiaves of Social reformation the board holds speeches in the campus masjid on every Fridays 

Islamic Propagation Cell ( IPC )

     It is a major part of BUSA which performs for spreading the main themes of education i.e., the social reformation, propagation and social Service, into the society.

     For this purpose the board takes initiatives for improving the inborn skills of elected students by special test and makes them aware of ideals and theologies.

     There are three training forums which hold meetings Weekly to cherish the abilities of students in Writing, speaking and researching. Apart from this, it gives due consideration to the necessity of research. Many study reports are presented under the research forum and its notes are given to the members.

Bahjath Publishing Bureau ( bpb )

     It is a major part of the association which aims mainly to publish _ books and other publication of highlighting Islamic values and to find the Ways of increasing the capital for the association . It has to be mentioned that the board made a bold step as the hypocritical thoughts emerged among the Society. More Over as a part of its initiative the board could release many publications in various subjects such as in Islamic history, Islamic jurisprudence, and language studies and so on.

     Sakshi, Musliminte Kerala model ( The prize winner Rahim mecheri award ) and Nailu ul - rajah ( Moulid of Shamsul ulama ) are some of the examples of its efforts.

     Today the bpb plays a substantial role to enlarge the publication World of highlighting Islamic values and to withstand constantly against the heretics and reformationists.


     It is the most prominent board under BUSA. It consists of various books in several languages. This board strives constantly in order to develop an apt wing to circulate the relevant notions and ideologies of Islam. Apart from this it could create a plenty of good propagators .

     Now days, good and famous books are hardly read by the up to date society. There is a vast and Wide collection of noble books. The illustrious Works of the post modern thinkers and World famous Writers, famous autobiographies, travelogues, stories, poetries, Islamic history and dictionaries in various language and encyclopedias etc... are available there in addition to the magazines and newspapers of Several languages.

Store Board

This board works under BUSA in order | to deliver almost all the essential things i.e., newsprint, soap, pen, pencil, etc.... for low price to students.

Reading Room

     With a vast collection of newspapers , magazines and vearbooks in Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam languages. There are three Reading rooms under the Board In the purpose of increasing the reading habits of students and to develop their mental abilities by general knowledge the board of reading room plays a vital role.

     As a result of this attempt the board could churn out many prominent writers as Al balja ( Arabic ) generated an eligible wing to write in Arabic magazines published from the Arab countries.

Khuthub Khana

     The board of kuthub khana stands by creating opportunities for students to make deep studies and research with a vast collection of books in Thafseer, Hadees, Thasavuf, Islamic jurisprudence, logics, History, and modern science. The board tries to uplift the students' eligibility to preserve Sunnath Jama'ath.

Editorial Board

     Al - bahja ( in Malayalam ), Al - balja ( Arabic ), Bahar ( Urdu ) and The Glory ( English ) are the four editorial board under BUSA which work for flourish the skills of the students in Arabic, Urudu, English and Malayalam languages and to form a well equipped propagation Wing in order to preserve the Islamic ideologies and theories. As a result of this attempt the board could churn out many prominent writers. Al balja ( Arabic ) generates eligible Wing to write in Arabic magazines, published from Arabic countries.

Labour Hall

     This board works under BUSA with an eye to motive and induce the students' extra - curriculum activities. Right from the very Outset of this board. It played a substantial and considerable role for the improvement of inherent skills of the students. Almost all the modern equipments are available. Binding, stitching and spiral binding etc. are being trained by the students under this board.

Public Relation

     With an eye to pervade moves and motions of the campus and the association into the public, the Public relation board acts with remarkable efforts .

For creating a morally Well equipped media wing in a dilapidated course of the neutralized media world, many students are trained under this board for journalism and media activities.

Welfare Cell

     It is a prominent branch works under this organization in order to solve the economical problems of the students. There are a lot of students who are dead poor but they keep it as a secret. They don't expose their intense troubles before their intimate friends. So, this board is finding those students mysteriously and encourages them to go on their curriculum activities without any economical obstacles. This board carries all the expense of kithab, treatment, travel etc. Besides, this board goes on its works by the sincere support of the generous mind of the people.

The Board of Health

     The board of health under the association performs in the aim of preserving students' healthy situation and their immunity efficiency as well as the board gives the first aid. It affords the major amount of the expense for the treatment in this way. It gives great relief to p0or students. Including awareness class and cleaning activities the health board makes many Initiatives in hospitality services with remarkable performance.

Audit Board

     It is the most sublime board under BUSA to observe whole activities and to indicate entire defects and drawbacks of the organization. If need be, it advises the branches. It evaluates their activities and presents monthly reports.


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